Amiphoria-Amity Lucknow

. Welcome To Amiphoria 2024

5-7 March, 2024

About Amiphoria

Amity University Lucknow Campus will host the highly awaited annual college-fest Amiphoria 2024 with the theme “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”. It will present a plethora of events and activities that will hook us from the first day including the Rock Fest! This three-day fest will be a level above its predecessors and will set some tough milestones for the years to come. This mega fest will take place on 5th , 6th and 7th March, 2024.

The students from Amity and other educational institutes across India will bring high levels of energy and enthusiasm to the event, which will create an electric atmosphere of camaraderie and competitive spirit on the campus. And that’s exactly what the fest has come to symbolize.

This year will be no different as students vie for exciting prizes, and more importantly, to win honours for their respective institutes. They will compete in different cultural activities that will bring their talents to the forefront. The event introduces pupils to a platform that is abundantly giving and stimulating!

Standing on the crowded grounds of Amity at this time of year speaks volumes about Amiphoria’s popularity like no other. This colossal fest gives you all the right reasons to be a part of it, and when given the chance, you should be here to make the most of your days.



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