Amiphoria-Amity Lucknow

Adaygi Saaz


Registration Steps

Important Details

Offline Event
Rank 1: ₹1500
Rank 2: ₹1000
Rank 3: ₹500
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Registration Fee

₹ 200/-

Event Date



Central Stage

Theme: Open Mic performances consisting of Stand-up comedy, poetry recitation, singing, and storytelling.

Adaygi- Saaz Aur Awaaz

Nature of event: Competitive & performance based- The participants will be judged on their delivery, content, speech, fluency, and diction.  

  1. Mode: Offline physical event.
  2. Organizer: Amity School of Languages (ASL)
Participation Categories & Eligibility
  1. Amity Students category
      • Open for current students studying at Amity University, Lucknow
      • Individual participation only
      • Theme: N/A
  1. Outside Amity Participants Category
    • Open for students from other universities
    • Individual participation only

Participants should come prepared with their material

Event Rounds & Timeline
    • The event will consist of 1 round only.
    • Duration: 3-5 minutes
    • Winners will be declared on the same day
Results Announcement & Prizes
  • Results will be announced on the event day.
  • Cash prizes for winning participants- 1st 1500, 2nd 1000, 3rd 500

Student Team

Naina kumari

Shivani Jha