Amiphoria-Amity Lucknow

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About The Event

Recognizing the need for a modern, accessible platform to disseminate information and foster a sense of community, we propose the introduction of a podcast series tailored specifically for institutional students. This podcast aims to be a versatile and inclusive medium, addressing a wide range of topics relevant to academic journey, personal development, and campus life.

Eligibility Criteria

University and College Students

Judgement Criteria

Theme, Content and Presentation of the Podcast

Selection Criteria

The selection will be done on screening basis, who has the best 10 entries will be selected, having good theme, content and presentation.

Round wise guidelines

1st round will be screening of all the podcast and then second round will be selecting the 10 best entries and among 10 best entries will be selecting 3 students

Disclaimer for participants

No vulgar themes, only descent podcast will be entertained
Note: These headings are for your reference and can be edited as per the requirements

Important Details

Registration Fees

Rs. 100/-

per individual

Prize Money

Winner- Rs. 2K,
1st Runner up- Rs. 1.5 K,
2nd Runner Up- Rs. 1.5 K.

Date of Event


Student Team

  1. Shrishti (6386997915)
  2. Shubh Abrol

Jonathon White

Abigail Knight

Raymond Guerrero