Amiphoria-Amity Lucknow


Rangmanch is a skit competition on social issues. The specific themes are (corruption, ethics & values, women empowerment).

About Us

Rules & Regulation

  1. A team should have at least 5 members and at max 10 members.
  2. Participants must adhere to the specified theme of the competition.
  3. The time limit of each skit must not exceed 12 minutes.
  4. Exceeding the time limit may result in deduction in marks.
  5. Participants must not use any kind of foul languages or offensive content.
  6. The core committee reserves the right to disqualify entries that breach university policies or rules.
  7. Registration fee for each team will be Rs.600.
  8. The script should be submitted 4 days before the event .
  9. Teams will be short-listed on the basis of script submitted.
  10. Teams must designate roles such as actors, script-writers or any other relevant positions.
  11. Any changes in the team or script can be communicated to the student coordinator through the email.
  12. Google forms will be used receive the scripts.

Registration Fees

Per Team Rs.600

Prize Money

1st Prize worth Rs 5000

2nd Prize worth Rs 2500

Event Date


Mode of Event


No. of Rounds



Amitians & Non-Amitians
(School, UG and PG students are eligible)

Eligibility Criteria

School, UG and PG students can participate in the competition. 

Teams must not exceed more than 10 members.

Script should follow the relevant themes mentioned above.

Teams will be disqualified in case of any derogatory remarks or foul language.


Selection Criteria

As per the rules and regulation mentioned above.

Composition of teams

Minimum 5 members, maximum 10 members.

Judgement Criteria

  • Dialogues delivery
  • Time-limit
  • Themes (mentioned above)
  • Costume

Student Team

Sundaram Pandey

Gaurvi Jaiswal