Amiphoria-Amity Lucknow

The Greatest people.

Student Team

Organising Team

Amal Singh

Organising Head

Navigating the symphony of creativity, I’m on a mission to turn moments into memories, and the cultural fest is my canvas.

Aayush Agarwal

Organising Co-Head

In the rhythm of diversity, I find my beat. Cultural Fest enthusiast, weaving moments into memories, one vibrant experience at a time.

Rajarshi Tripathi

Organising Secretary

We build bridges of success, connecting aspirations to achievements in the grand tapestry of architects of efficiency, the conductors of collaboration.

Raghav Agarwal

Artistic Performances Curator

Weaving dreams into reality, I am the orchestrator of creativity, the curator of culture, and the heartbeat behind our college’s spectacular cultural fest.

Juhi Dwivedi

Technical Head

In the rhythm of planning and the melody of execution, I dance as the conductor of our cultural symphony – where every note is a celebration and every act is a masterpiece.

Faizan Arif

Designer Head

As a cultural alchemist, I blend traditions with contemporary flair, concocting a potion of excitement and bonding that transforms our fest into a magical experience.

Core Team

Ria Singh

Gyanu Patel

Harsh Singh

Mohammad Zaki

Vedanshi Singh

Arnav Arora

Sourabh Kumar

Isha Saxena

Aishwary Singh

Dhruvi Gaur

Manika Srivastava

Sanchita Verma

Garvita Chaurasia

Amaan Arif

Ifa Qazi

Ananya Tripathi

Faizan Arif