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Brain Wave

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About the event


Welcome to “Brainwave,” an exhilarating and intellectually stimulating event designed to challenge your mind and test a variety of cognitive skills. The competition unfolds in three thrilling rounds, each uniquely crafted to showcase different facets of mental prowess.

Judgement Criteria
  1. The faculty and chief guests will judge the event.

  2. Judges will be given a sheet in which every student name of team will be given to them.

  3. The Player who will perform the best will be made the winner by the judges.

  4. No negative marking is there.

Selection Criteria

Round 1 :

Top 10 from all the participants who perform the best in this round will qualify in next. 

Round 2 :

In this round A quiz will be played and 2 players  will qualify in round 3.


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Round 1

Memory Tray – Tray Of Recall

Dive into the captivating world of the Memory Tray Game, a thrilling challenge that sharpens your observation skills and memory precision. As you explore a carefully curated tray of items, the clock ticks, and your mission begins: memorise, recall, and conquer. It’s a dynamic blend of focus, teamwork, and individual prowess – an unforgettable journey into the realm of memory mastery.

Round 2

Trevia – The Ultimate Quiz Challenge

“Trevia” is the second round that puts your general knowledge, Bollywood expertise, and sense of humour to the test.

Engage in a fast-paced quiz featuring questions spanning various topics, from the depths of general knowledge to the glitz and glamour of Bollywood. Sharpen your wits and aim to outsmart your fellow contestants in this brain-teasing round.

top-view-kid-playing-memory-game (1)

Round 3

Memory Master – Card Flipping Extravaganza

The final showdown, “Memory Master,” unveils the true power of your memory. Dive into a grid of 30 pairs of cards, each hiding an identical drawing. Your challenge is to memorise the positions of these cards and match as many pairs as possible within the time limit. It’s a battle of recall and mental agility, where the Memory Master emerges victorious by showcasing unparalleled memory skills.

  • Participants are allowed to observe the items on the tray during the designated time but are strictly prohibited from touching or interacting with the items.
  • Participants must maintain silence while observing the items. This ensures that everyone can focus on memorising the details without distractions.
  • Once the observation period is over participants should not communicate with each other during the recall phase. This rule encompasses individual memory skills and prevents collaboration.
  • When recalling the items, participants must provide accurate and detailed descriptions. Points may be deducted for vague or incorrect information.
  • Adhere to the time limit specified for both observation and recall phases. This adds a sense of urgency and challenges participants to think quickly and efficiently.
  • Participants must refrain from using any external aids, such as notes, electronic devices, or consultation with others, during the round.
  • All participants are expected to maintain a respectful and sportsmanlike demeanour throughout the quiz. Disruptive behaviour, including but not limited to, inappropriate language or gestures, may result in disqualification.
  • Answers must be clearly and audibly communicated within the specified time limit.
  • Participants should manage their time effectively to answer as many questions as possible within the given timeframe. Failure to adhere to time limits may result in points deduction or disqualification for that particular question.
  • The decisions of the quizmaster are final. If there are any disputes or concerns, participants should bring them to the attention of the quizmaster after the round.
  • Participants must maintain fair play during the Memory Master card-flipping round, refraining from any attempts to manipulate or damage the cards.
  • Use only the provided cards for the competition; personal cards or any modifications to the cards are strictly prohibited.
  • Respect the designated time limits for each round.
  • Participants must promptly begin and conclude their card-flipping within the specified timeframe.
  • Refrain from communication or collaboration with other participants during the card-flipping round to ensure individual skills are being tested. If a participant’s card matches in the first attempt, they will be given another chance; if not, then the opposite participant will be given a chance.

Student Team

Umam Fatima Zaidi

Piyush Chandra Saxena