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Embark on an extraordinary adventure with our Treasure Hunt Contest! In the initial round, test your cognitive prowess by deducing rom-com dialogue compositions. The excitement builds in the second round as you unravel a riddle to discover four hidden heart fragments within the ASET building, leading to a thrilling final enigma. The adventure reaches its peak in the third round, where a comprehensive campus search awaits—solve riddle to collect final heart scattered across the Aset building + mess and canteen area . The participant with the final heart will emerge victorious as the ultimate winner of this captivating journey. Join us for a day of mystery, and mastery!

Important Details
Total No. of Rounds


Registration Fees

Rs. 100/-

Date of Event


Prize Money

3,000/-(In Kind)

Last Date of Registration


Mode of Event


Rules & Regulation

A treasure hunt competition comprising of both mental and physical involvement. Segregated into 2 rounds.

1st Round is for dialogue guessing related to romantic themed movies.

2nd round will entail a riddle to find 4 pieces of a heart hidden in the ASET building which will have a final clue.

3rd round will entail a aset building +mess and canteen area hunt to grab the final heart through a final riddle, person with final heart will be the winner.

Round Wise Guidelines

There will be 3 rounds:

  • 1st round -Dialogue guessing based on Bollywood rom-com movies, Name of the Actor/Actress, Movie name

Venue- ASET building, AB3(room no. – LT003), Time: 30 minutes (Elimination Round)

  • 2nd round – same clue to all participants will be given which will lead to the clue of second piece of heart and it will go the same till the fourth and the last piece has been found.

Venue- ASET building.(AB3), Time required- 1hour

Elimination round – The participants who will come within the time limit will get qualified for the third round.


  • 3rd round – A single clue will be given to all the participants who qualified for the final round and it will lead to the final heart❤

Venue – Mess area+ canteen + Aset building area, Time – Half an hour. Then finally whosoever will find the final heart will be the winner.

Composition of teams

Teams will be made by the organizers but the participants will be in individual mode only.

Student Team

Divya Sinha

Aanya Mishra

Unnati Singh