Amiphoria-Amity Lucknow

Cosmos Regalia

Cosmos Regalia is a competitive event in which the participants are expected to portray the traditional or historical worldwide famous characters. In this the participants are expected to showcase their chosen characters with  exquisite costumes, dialogue delivery, facial expressions, body language and bring their characters live to the stage.


Registration Fees

Rs 100/-

Prize Money

Winner-Rs 1500/-

Runner Up- Rs 1000/-

(Also gifts/hampers)

Date of Event


Rules & Regulation

Registration fee: Rs 100 (For Amitians) and Rs 100+ GST (For Non-Amitians)

  1. Individual participation.
  2. Time limit is maximum of 2 Minutes to present themselves. First buzzer will be at the start. Second buzzer will ring after 1 min and the final buzzer will be at 2 mins. Exceeding the time limit will adversely affect the total marks gained.
  3. The participants must get their own costume.
  4. A separate space will be given to the participants for getting ready.
  5. Prior information must be given to the organizing team before the registration regarding the character they will be portraying.
  6. Decency in the language and presentation of the character must be maintained.
Round-Based Format
  1. The Event consists  of 2 Rounds
  2. Round 1 Criteria – Accuracy of the attire
  3. Round 2 Criteria- Facial Expressions and Dialogue Delivery

Mode of Event


Selection Criteria

  1. The participant must be portraying any Historical or traditional character.

  2. Must be a bonafide student of College/University.

  3. Must carry valid ID card of the college/University.

No. of Rounds


Judgement Criteria

1- Stage Presence

2- Costume


4- Dialogues

Team Composition


Disclaimer for participants

The Decision of the Judges will be final and binding.


Student Team

Sejal Bajaj

Binita Kumari