Amiphoria-Amity Lucknow


Cosmic Character Carnival

About the event

In this event, people dress up as their favourite characters from Anime, Hollywood, Fiction, Non-fiction, or game character. It’s not just about wearing accurate costumes; participants go a step further by bringing these characters to life through short performances, whether they speak famous lines, showcase signature moves, or recreate well-known dance snippets, each participant adds a dynamic element, truly becoming the characters they love. The event is a celebration not only of the art of cosplaying but also of the art of embodying the portrayed character. As participants take the stage, it’s more than just a display of outfits – it’s a captivating performance that captures the passion and creativity behind Anime, Hollywood, Fiction, Non-fiction, and gaming. The boundaries between participant and character blur, creating an immersive experience that resonates with fans and showcases the diverse worlds of these entertainment genres.

Important Details

Registration Fees

100/- Solo
200/- Team

Prize Money

Winner – 3500/-
Runner – 1500/-

Date of Event


Last Date To Register


Eligibility Criteria

Any student (PG or UG) who would register for the event is eligible.


Central Auditorium

Registration Steps

Round Based Guidelines

  • The event follows two rounds for the final verdict: –
  • In the first round the contestants would come up to the stage with there adorned props and costumes, a brief character introduction, added with either signature moves, a memorable quote, recreating well-known dance routines or a combination of their choice of that character.

Based on the marks provided by judges based on first round, contestants would either be eliminated or proceed to the next round.

  • During the final round, qualifying contestants will face questions about their chosen characters and other relevant aspects. Judges will assign marks for this round, and by combining these scores with those from the first round, the winners (first place and runner-up) will be announced.

Judgement Criteria:

  •  Costume Accuracy
  • Character Presentation
  • Performance Creativity
  • Confidence 
  • Question answer round 
  • Overall Impact

Rules & Regulation

Character Selection:

  • Participants have the freedom to don costumes representing characters from anime, Hollywood, game-based worlds, fictional realms, or any character of their choosing during the event.
  • The character portrayal should be respectful and in adherence to the university’s code of conduct. 
  • Participants must inform the event management of their chosen characters prior to the final performance.

Presentation Requirement:

Every participant is required to provide a brief character introduction and showcase their outfit through a ramp walk. Additionally, participants have the creative freedom to include elements such as signature moves, a memorable quote, recreating well-known dance routines, or a combination of their choice, all related to the character they are portraying.

Costume and Makeup:

  • Participants are responsible for their own costumes and makeup.
  • No makeup materials will be provided by the institution or the management.


  • Participants are responsible for bringing their own props if needed.
  • The use of safe and non-hazardous props is mandatory.

Performance Time:

Participants have the flexibility to determine the length of their performance, but it is important to note that the maximum allowed time is strictly set at 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Group performance:

  • The participants can take part in form of a group.
  • The maximum number of people allowed would be 4.

Audience Interaction:

  • Participants are encouraged to interact with the audience, but they should maintain a respectful and appropriate demeanour.

Music and sound:

  • Contestants have the option to incorporate entry music or include music at any point during their performance if desired.
  • The technical team should be provided with the tracks before the final date of the event.
  • The music needs to be compliant to university code of conduct.
  • The music should be first approved by the event management.

Pre-Event Briefing:

  •  All the contestants should be present in the pre-event briefing to ensure smooth coordination of the event.

Disclaimer for Participants

  • Participants must obtain approval from the event management for the character they intend to cosplay as.
  • Unexpected alterations to the performance at the last minute are discouraged.
  • Participants must submit the intended music or sound effects for approval prior to the final performance.
  • All of the participants should be present for the pre-event briefing.


Student Team

Tanya Singh

Kawalpreet Kaur

Liza Rani Sahu