Amiphoria-Amity Lucknow

EcoVision Quest:
Quiz & Presentation Extravaganza

Event Description

Climate change, environmental pollution, global warming, ozone layer depletion, and many other issues are well-known threats for our mother earth, so it’s time for everyone to take a step forward to protect our mother earth.

We can contribute to environmental protection with only one tiny move. Therefore, the eco club members and I are hosting an event called “EcoVision Quest: Presentation Extravaganza and Quize.” The theme of our presentation and quiz is how to raise environmental awareness among the public and protect the environment. Thus, take a stand, express your interest, test your knowledge, and raise awareness among the public about protecting the environment because even a modest action can make a big difference in saving our mother planet.

Upon the event’s conclusion, attendees will be given the opportunity to make a pledge, signifying their shared commitment to protecting the environment. EcoVision Quest is more than simply an event; it’s a call to action encouraging everyone to make a positive impact on the environment. Your suggestions will be considered for future government initiatives. Come along with us on this journey of understanding, consciousness, and dedication as we work to make a long-lasting, good difference in the planet that we all share. Let’s all work together to bring about a better, greener future!

Rules & Regulation

  1. Presentation should be Solo.
  2. Everyone will be given 5 minutes for their presentation followed by question answer round.
  3. Content should be exclusive and to the point.
  4. Case study must be used.
  1. Quiz will be consisting of 3 rounds.
  2. Quiz will we conducted digitally but candidates must be present offline.
  3. 10 minutes will be given and there will be 15 questions per round.

Important Details

Registration Fees

Rs 100/-

Prize Money

Eco-Friendly products worth Rs. 500 will be provided per event.

Date of Event


Eligibility & Mode of Event

Graduate, Postgraduate, Research scholars
(Offline Event)

Judgement Criteria:
  1. Accuracy 25% marks
  2. Confidences and ton of speech 20%
  3. Time (not be to short or too long)20%
  4. Conclusion 10%
  5. Question Answer round 25%
  1. The quiz will consist of two parts. 
  2. Marks are the primary factor, and time is the second. 
  3. The applicant with the highest score who submits first will be chosen.

Student Team

Rajkishor Pandey

Shivanjali Singh

Tushar Nayar