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Ink IT

From painting t-shirts and mugs to showcasing tattoo designs, the event celebrates the fusion of artistry and individuality.

About Event

The “Ink It” competition is a vibrant showcase of student creativity, allowing participants to express themselves through various mediums. From painting t-shirts and mugs to showcasing tattoo designs, the event celebrates the fusion of artistry and individuality. Students unleash their imagination, competing to leave a lasting impression with their unique creations. The diverse entries make for a colorful and inspiring display of talent, fostering a sense of community and artistic exploration. Designing a mug, T-shirt and tattoo requires versatility. Ink It allows students to showcase their skills across diverse canvases. Participants can unleash their creativity. It’s a brilliant way to celebrate artistic versatility.

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Registration Fees

Rs 300/- per student


Prize Money

Winner: Rs 3000,

Runner Up: Rs:1500


Event Date & Mode of Event

05/03/2024 &

(Offline Event)

Eligibility Criteria: Participants from all backgrounds, genders, and geographies are welcome who want to

express their emotions through their artwork.

Rules & Regulation:
  • For Students · Solo event · Sequence from 1st year 2nd year, 3rd year & 4th
  • The theme is · Shan – a – Awadh students must paint according to the given theme.
  • Medium Specifications: Mug, T-shirt, Tattoo
  • Students must bring their preferred tools/ materials for live competition.
  • Time limit- 2 hour

All students must be present in campus for the session.

Judgement Criteria

Creativity and Originality: Assessing the unique concepts, innovative ideas, and the artist’s personal touch in conveying the theme.

Technique and Skill: Evaluating the artist’s proficiency in digital tools, use of colour, composition, and overall technical execution.

Interpretation of Theme: How well the artwork reflects and interprets the specified theme “Shan-e-Awadh.”

various categories

T Shirt Painting

Participants can showcase their skills in designing unique and captivating T-shirt graphics. This category allows artists to experiment with different styles and concepts suitable for wearable art.

Mug Painting

Artists can submit designs specifically created for mugs. The challenge here would be to create visually appealing designs that work well on a curved surface.

An ink competition of this nature has the potential to foster a sense of community among artists, inspire creativity, and bring attention to the diverse world of ink-based art across various mediums.

tattoo Designing

This category challenges artists to create intricate and meaningful tattoo designs. Entries should demonstrate an understanding of tattoo artistry, considering factors like composition, placement, and overall aesthetic appeal.

Student Team

Kunika Gupta (+91-8081062288)
Tanya Singh (+91-9170872130)

Jonathon White

Jonathon White

Jonathon White