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KBC 2.0

Kaun Banega Champion

Important Details

About The Event

KBC 2.0, Kaun Banega Champion, is game with the thrill and entertainment of the television show Kaun Banega Crorepati. The show is much more than just a game show where participants have to answer questions and compete against each other to win exciting prizes. It includes a whole lot of factors that make it more creative and interesting. It would include performances, advertisements, mimicry, etc. to engage with the audience and make sure every person enjoys their time, all prepared by the students of AIBAS.

The game will start by a buzzer round to decide which duo will make it to the HOT SEAT. To make it even more interesting and fair, the participants will be given themes, from which they will have to choose any 3.

The competition within the game would be exciting, and the winner would be given a cash prize along with coupons. The runners up would also be given gift hampers and coupons. The aim of the game show, along with giving people a good time, is to raise the general awareness of the participants on whatever interests them, along with the audience. The creative aspects of the show will make it worth participating for the players, and worth watching for the audience.

Rules & Regulation

KBC 2.0 is a quiz game, which is a replica of the television game show Kaun Banega Crorepati. The game will include a set of questions based on different themes, as selected by the duos on the spot.


  • Each team will have only 2 participants.

  • The maximum number of teams is 6.

  • The teams will be made to play a buzzer round, and the winner team will be called to the hot seat.

  • Winning the buzzer round gets the team 1 point.

  • The team on the hot seat will be given a list of themes, out of which they will have to select any 3 on which questions will be asked in the initial 9 levels

  • Maximum questions per team: 10 (excluding the buzzer rounds)

  • Level 1-3: 1 point each, level 4-6: 2 points each, level 7-9: 4 points each, level 10: 5 points, total: 26 +1 (buzzer round)

  • The members have to answer the questions within the time limit of 30 seconds.

  • If the teams answers a questions incorrectly, they will be eliminated, and their total score will be calculated

  • After elimination of a team, the next team will be chosen through the buzzer round.

  • Teams will be given 4 lifelines (50:50, flip the question, double dip, recycle)

  • No lifelines can be used for the 10th level.

  • The total scores of all teams will be compared to decide the winner

Buzzer round will be used as a tie breaker in case of a tie.

Round Wise Guidelines:-

There will be a buzzer round to decide the player duo for the hot seat. Each time a team gets eliminated from the hot seat, there will be a buzzer round to decide the next player duo. A team will be eliminated on answering incorrectly.

Disclaimer For Participants: 

By registering for KBCS 2.0, participants agree to abide by the rules of the event, understanding that non-compliance may lead to disqualification and other consequences as determined by the event organizers. Event is COMPLETELY VOLUNTARY, regardless of anything stated or implied.

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