Amiphoria-Amity Lucknow

Klectika 3.0

Date: 07/03/2024

Registrations Closed... See You At Amiphoria 2024!

Eligibility Criteria

Open to Amitians and Non-Amitians

Selection Criteria

Qualification from the Audition Round

Judgement Criteria

Artistic Expression, Creativity, Technical Proficiency, Stage Presence

Important Details

Registration Fees

₹100 (per person for both solo and group performances)

Prize Money

Group Performance Winners – Rs 5000/gifts
Runner Ups – Rs 3000/gifts Solo Performance
Winners – Rs 2000/gifts
Runner Ups – Rs 1000/ gifts

Date of the Event


Mode of the event

Round wise date to be mentioned

Registration Steps

About The Event

Klectika 3.0, hosted by Amity School of Applied Sciences, is an eagerly awaited cultural extravaganza fostering diversity and talent celebration. Open to both Amitians and non-Amitians, this event embraces inclusivity across Solo Dance, Solo Singing, and Group Dance categories. The journey unfolds in two compelling rounds: the nerve-wracking Audition Round and the pinnacle Final Round. In the Audition Round, contestants unveil their skills, striving to impress judges and secure a spot in the coveted Finals. Successful participants proceed to the Final Round, a stage set for head-to-head competition where finalists deliver captivating performances to claim top honors. Beyond the competition, Klectika 3.0 is a cultural melting pot, where creativity transcends boundaries. It unites individuals from diverse backgrounds to weave a tapestry of artistry and talent. Join us at Klectika 3.0 for a celebration of diversity, talent, and the boundless power of artistic expression—an event destined to leave an indelible mark on all who partake in its splendor.




Rules & Regulation

There will be two rounds.

  • First round –  Audition round. (Time limit: not more than 3 minutes)
  • Final- The qualifiers from the audition round will be called for the final round, which will be held in the AUUP Lucknow.

For group performance the minimum number of participants is 2.

The time limit for the performance is:

  • 3 minutes for solo performance
  • 4 minutes for group performance

Note: Audition round is on 26th  and 27th February, 2024.
Final round (Amiphoria)

Composition of teams

A team may consist of a minimum of 2 participants. These participants can be from the same or different institutes.

Team Name: Every team must have a unique name. Organizers reserve the right to reject entries from any team whose name it deems inappropriate, offensive or conflicting. Organizers must be notified if a team’s name has been changed.

Team Representative: Each team must specify their team representative (leader) at the time of registration on the website. All the important communications between Organizers and the registered teams will be done through their team representative. The team representative must submit valid contact details (phone no., email ID etc.) at the time of registration.

NOTE: During any kind of conversation, registration, communication, emails or submissions the team must identify themselves by their team name.

Disclaimer for participants

Klectika is not liable for injuries during the dance event. Participants must prioritize their safety, and the university disclaims responsibility for any harm incurred during performances.

Non-Amity participants need valid ID, and Amity students must carry university ID for entry. Failure to do so may result in denial of participation.

Participants are responsible for personal belongings; the university is not accountable for loss or damage. Precautions are advised.

Rules may change without notice. The uploaded document is the latest guideline; revisions will be noted in the version. Participants must stay informed.

Participants must read, understand, and adhere to rules. Klectika  reserves the right to disqualify teams at any time for any reason. Updates will be communicated to participants, and queries can be addressed through designated channels.

Student Team


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