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Welcome to “ Legathon,” where creativity meets spontaneity in a unique blend of entertainment and innovation. In our first round, “Jamal Kudu,” participants will engage in a musical chairs experience like never before. Picture this: the classic game with a twist – participants must skill-fully navigate the challenge with a half-full glass of water balanced on their heads. The combination of strategy, rhythm, and equilibrium will keep everyone on their toes, quite literally.

“Legathon” is not just an event; it’s an exploration of the intersection between quick thinking, creativity, and the unexpected. Join us for an unforgettable experience where participants showcase their ingenuity, adaptability, and, above all, their ability to transform challenges into opportunities. Get ready to witness the magic of “Jamal Kudu” and the ingenuity of “AdSprint” as we celebrate the art of advertising with a dash of spontaneity and a splash of fun.

Important Details

Registration Fees

Rs. 200/-

Selection Criteria

Round 1 : Top 10 from all the participants who performs in musical chair will be considered and qualifies for round 2 where a team of 2 will be created for choosing the winner. The team who will create the best ad will he the winner of this event


Winner: Hamper Worth Rs. 3K + Trophy and Certificate of Excellence

Eligibility Criteria

Any Student pursuing any course can participate in this event and even school children of class 11th and 12th can too .

Last Date of Registration


Venue & Time

Date: 07/03/2024
Time: 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Venue: Moot Court (AB 1)

Judging Criteria

  1. The faculty and chief guests will judge the event.
  2. Judges will be given a sheet in which every student name of team will be given to them.
  3. The team who will perform the best will be made the winner by the judges.
  4. No negative marking is there.

Event Guidelines:

ROUND 1 : Jamal Kudu

1)- Students will be given a glass half full and they have to put it on their heads and play the musical chairs.
2)- Jamal Kudu song will be played every-time to make the event more interesting.
3)- If the glass falls the player will be eliminated.
4)- Top 10 will qualify for the next round

ROUND 2 : AdSprint

1)- Top 10 students who qualified in round 1 will work in a team of two in this round.
2)- An object will be given to each team and they will be asked to make an advertisement of the objects within the given time frame.
3)- No Abusive Words or bad language is allowed in the advertisement video.
4)- The best ad will be the winner of the event

Student Team

Piyush Chandra Saxena

Umam Fatima Zaidi

Piyush Chandra Saxena