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Magical RRR

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

About the event

Magical RRR is a competitive event where Reduce, Reuse and Recycle are at the center. These three magical words are pivotal to bring sustainable development to Earth. In this, participants will use their creativity and imagination to discover a new, alternate way to utilize the trash. Participants are expected to make some productive items from the waste/trash materials that have been used earlier or they can process any trash items to produce something new which is innovative, reusable, useful which justifies the RRR . Let’s explore the world of trash with sustainable solutions while having fun and making a positive impact on our environment.

important details


Registration Fee:

Rs 100

Prize Money

Winner- Rs 1500
Runner up- Rs 1000
(Also gifts/hampers)

Date of Event


Rules & Regulation

Registration fee: Rs 100 (For Amitians) and Rs 100 + GST (For Non-Amitians)

 1 – The materials must be brought by the participants.

2- Waste materials have to be used such as tetra packs, bottles, newspapers, old utensils, jute material or any second hand item that is not in use.

 3- The material will be rejected if not found to be a waste product or trash material.

4 – Participants will get an hour to make their item from the materials they have brought.

 5- Participants will get 5 Minutes for their presentation.

6- Participants cannot take help from the internet or any other person while making the item.

7 – The participants need to be present at the venue before 30 minutes.

 8 – Participants are required to clean the table and surroundings after preparing the item.

Important Guidelines

No. of Rounds


Selection Criteria

1. Participants are required to use only trash materials.
2. Must be a bonafide student of College/University.
3. Must carry valid ID card of the college/University.

Composition of teams

2 participants in a team

Eligibility Criteria

Graduates and Above

Judgement Criteria

1- Creativity
3- Materials used
4- Visual impact of the item made
5- Usability

Disclaimer for participants

The decision of the judges will be final and binding.


Student Team

Shweta Singh

Shreya Singh