Amiphoria-Amity Lucknow

Schrödinger’s Room

Ready. Set. Solve!
(Escape Room)

The unique thrill of an escape room now awaits you at Amity Amiphoria 2024.

The participating teams will face challenges in four different levels, competing against each other in outdoor challenges or locked in a room with hidden clues, and the only way to escape is by solving the clues before time runs out!

A thriller game to test your all-round abilities while the clock is ticking!


Can you escape from Schrödinger’s Room?

Important Details

Prize Money

1st Prize worth Rupees 1000/gifts
2nd Prize worth Rupees 500/gifts

Event Date


Mode of Event


Rules & Regulations

  • There will a total of four rounds.
  • Each team will consist of 3 members and should have a team name.
  • Each round will consist of a pre-decided game. The aim is to complete the game in the fastest time possible.
  • The teams with the fastest time will progress to the next level.
  • The rounds will consist of outdoor team games with a twist of simple everyday science tasks.
  • Any team that fails to fulfil the objective of a certain round will be eliminated at that stage.
  • Use of electronic devices is prohibited.


The finale escape room will be held between the top 2 finalists.

Guidelines for each round

Round 1- Capture the Flag!

  • The playing field will be divided into territories of each team.
  • Each team will have a designated colour and a flag of that colour
  • The aim is to capture the opponent teams’ flags and bring them to your territory while protecting your own.
  • If a player gets tagged by the other team in the opposing half of the playing field, that player gets sent to the holding area or ‘jail’.
  • The tagged player can be freed by a team member
  • The game has a 25-minute time limit, at the end of which a whistle will be heard.
  • The team with the most flags in their home base wins.

Round 2- Ready.Set.Answer!

  • This is a rapid-fire quiz round, conjugated with a task.
  • Each correct answer to a quiz question allows your team to complete one step of the given task.
  • The objective is to complete the task by answering questions in fastest time possible.
  • The questions will be based on everyday and simple science trivia as well as pop culture.

Round 3- How fast are you?

  • The teams will be provided with multiple clues.
  • Each clue will lead them to a location which has a puzzle piece hidden there.
  • The aim is to find all the pieces and complete the puzzle in the quickest time possible.

Round 4- The Schrodinger’s Escape Room

  • The finalist teams will be locked in a room containing clues on how to escape the room.
  • Work as a team to look for clues and solve simple science-based puzzles to escape the locked room.

The team that escapes first will emerge victorious.

Composition of teams

  • The teams can have maximum of 3 members.
  • Each team should have a team name.

Judgement criteria:

The team to complete the task in least time will be promoted to next round i.e. fastest team will win.


  • The rules of the game must be respected.
  • The game props and objects should not be manhandled or damaged.

Student Team

Shruti Kumari

Palak Sinha

Shruti Kumari