Amiphoria-Amity Lucknow

About The Event

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Hesitation is Defeat

A game in which each person tries to be first in achieving targets, using brainpower.
Our event will be information-based or puzzle hunts, in which individual use their collective brainpower to achieve goals. Each individual is presented with a group of puzzles, or clues, which individual must solve in order to qualify for the next round. The individual completing all the given tasks within the given time will be considered as a winner.

Registration Fee

Rs 100/- 

Prize Money

Win exciting prizes worth Rs.5000 and many gift vouchers.

Event Date


Last Registration Date



Participation will be open to students of Amity and Non-Amity Universities and school students.

First round (smart brain)

  1. Participants must register at the website and submit the details.
  2. Duration: Maximum 60 min.
  3. Participants must solve the puzzle with the help of clue.
  4. The individual solving the puzzle within the specified time will be selected for the next round.

Second round (break the tower)

  1. The winner of first round will compete among themselves.
  2.  Duration: maximum 60 min.
  3. Participants will be provided with the required props.
  4. The winners of second round will be competing in the final round.

Final Round (squid game)

  1. The winners of second round will compete among themselves.
  2. Duration: Maximum 60 min.
  3. Individual must reach the target/goal within the time.
  4. The individual who will reach the target within the time will be considered as a winner of the game.


  • Do not start the game before instructions.
  • Phone are strictly prohibited.
  • Cheating and team up will lead to disqualification.
  • Any kind of indisciplinary action will not be entertained.

Guidelines For Each Round




To give the participants a fair judgment, they are shortlisted based on the given puzzle or clues solved within the giving time.

Second Round



The competition picks up speed as among the large pool of talent, the judges make the toughest decision of selecting only a handful of contestants on the basis of the described activities and instructions.




The winners of second round will compete among themselves. Individual must reach the target/goal. The individual who will reach the target within the time will be considered as a winner of the game.

Total No. of Rounds

Rounds: 3

  1. First round (smart brain) 
  2. Second round (break the tower)
  3. Final round (squid game)


Judgement is based on the following aspects:

  • The Participant achieving/completing task/goal in given time will be the winner.

Student Team

Adarsh Kumar

Shefali Sengar

Tanya Singh