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A Game for the Next Generation of Shooter Players.

Date: 05/03/2024

About Valorant

Valorant is a multiplayer FPS that challenges you to participate in exciting 5v5 games where only one team can emerge victorious.

The goal here is to be the first team to win 13 rounds. In each of the rounds, you can either be part of the attackers or defenders whose particularity lies in the ‘Spike’. The attackers’ mission is to place a bomb, and the defenders have to defuse it. If the attackers can’t place the Spike, the round will end as soon as one of the teams runs out of players or when the time is up, which will give the victory to the defenders.


Registration Fees:

Per Team :- Rs. 400/-

Prize Details

Winner Team:- Rs. 10,000/-
Runner UP:- 5,000/-

Other Rewards

Merit Certificate to Winners
E-Certificate to all the Participants.


One of the finest tactical PC shooting games; each team consists of five members, and two teams go against each other in a game. Each player plays as an agent. The game starts when one of the teams is assigned either an attacker or a defender. The attacker must plant the spike and protect them to win the round, while the defenders must diffuse the spike to win the round.

Map Roster:

A disaster at a local kingdom facility threatens to engulf the whole neighborhood. Stop at your favorite food truck then fight across the city in this traditional three lane map.

Take in the sights of historic ruins or seaside caves on this tropical paradise. But bring some cover. You’ll need them for the wide open spaces and long range engagements. Watch your flanks and this will be a Breeze.

A mysterious structure housing an astral conduit radiates with ancient power. Great stone doors provide a variety of movement opportunities and unlock the paths to three mysterious sites.

Beneath a forgotten monastery, a clamour emerges from rival Agents clashing to control three sites. There’s more territory to control, but defenders can use the extra real estate for aggressive pushes.

An open playground for small wars of position and attrition divide two sites on Ascent. Each site can be fortified by irreversible bomb doors; once they’re down, you’ll have to destroy them or find another way. Yield as little territory as possible.

If you want to go far, you’ll have to go up. A pair of sites split by an elevated center allows for rapid movement using two rope ascenders. Each site is built with a looming tower vital for control. Remember to watch above before it all blows sky-high

Two sites. No middle. Gotta pick left or right. What’s it going to be then? Both offer direct paths for attackers and a pair of one-way teleporters make it easier to flank.

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Event Registration Guidelines

Dear Participants,

To ensure a smooth registration process, kindly follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1: Fee Payment

To initiate your registration, please proceed with the payment of the registration fees using the provided payment gateway. Once the payment is complete, kindly take a screenshot of the transaction confirmation that will be required in the next step. This step is crucial to secure your spot at the event.

Step 2: Registration Form

After successful fee payment, proceed to complete the registration form. This form will collect essential information such as your name, email address, contact number, and any additional details required for event participation. Ensure that all the provided information is accurate and up-to-date.

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Automated Registration Confirmation

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Important Notes:

– Keep a copy of the payment confirmation screenshot for your records.
– Double-check all information entered in the registration form to ensure accuracy.
– If you encounter any issues during the registration process, please contact our dedicated student support team below.

General rules:

The fixtures will be done purely in a random manner.

  • Each team will be provided a pause time of 2 minutes to address technical issues or disconnections. Teams can only pause in the buy phase and pausing at any other time or reason may lead to disqualification.
  • Minimum number of players in a team is 4 and maximum is 7.(2 substitutes)
  • Match mode used will be Competitive, with overtime ON.
  • In case of a ‘DRAW’, a Team Deathmatch will ensue.

  • Only the grand finale is going to be the best of 3 matches.

  • In case of misconduct by any participant, it will result in immediate disqualification for the entire team.

  • Teams that fail to join the lobby 5 minutes after the allotted time will result in immediate disqualification.

  • Only the registered substitute can play for the team if any member of the team is not available. Each team can register only for two substitutes.

  • Any changes in the team must be informed by the leader of the team to the coordinators one day prior to the match.

  • Game Masters’ decision will be final.

  • Tournament Bracket Style will be Double Elimination.

Matching for Valorant

Organising Team

Amay Mishra

Akkshat Srivastava

Harsh Singh